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Usually, you visit your games by following the link on your player homepage (rightmost column).

Elements on the game page

  1. Names and country flags of both players
  2. The clocks of the players.
    Here, 5d 00:46 means that White has 5 days, 0 hours and 46 minutes on his clock. This is the maximum time span White can wait until making his move.
  3. Goto previous game (without making a move)
  4. Goto next game (without making a move)
  5. The name of this game.
  6. Link to the tournament this game is part of
  7. Game state. Possible values are running, finished (game over) or paused (one of the opponents is on a leave)
  8. Player that is to move
  9. Date and time of previous move
  10. Enter your move into these fields. Moves are entered by source and destination field (you omit the piece type) or simply with the mouse. This is explained on the following page.
  11. Offer a draw to your opponent. You can offer draw when it's your turn to move only. Enter a valid move and select this field.
  12. An optional message to your opponent. He will see it like in (15) below. Furthermore, the message is sent to your opponent if he receives email notifications at all. For longer messages (more than 100 characters) you should use the Preview button; this allowes you to enter a long message on the following screen.
  13. This button makes the move. After that, the move cannot be taken back.
  14. Preview the position after your move - without actually making the move.
  15. A message from your opponent.
  16. This shows the history of all moves - including the messages that both players entered with the moves.
  17. This resigns the game. You have to confirm your decision on the following screen.

Tutorial links

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