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You forgot your password?

You are registered and know your nickname. But you do not remember your password.

Please enter your nickname in the dialog below. Nicknames are case-sensitive, thus "MyName", "Myname" and "myname" are all different nicknames.

The password will be sent to the email address given at registration (or to the address you entered with your last update of the player profile). If the email address in the player profile is incorrect, the password will be sent to this (false) address.

Send password
Player name

My password still does not arrive

You tried to get your password with the dialog above?
But you still don't see a corresponding message in your mailbox?

Probably, the email address of your player account is wrong.
All your password mails were sent to Nirvana.

Please send me an email with your

  • player name
  • real name
  • correct email address

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