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PlayChess offers three types of tournaments: 5, 7 and 9 player round robin tournaments. These league tournaments are single-rounded. Every player meets every other player in a tournament exactly once. This way you have the choice between 4, 6 and 8 games per tournament.

Time Schedules

  Bobby Fischer

The time schedule is similar for all games: There is no fixed time for the whole game, nor a fixed time per move.

Instead, the "Fischer clock" is used. This schedule has been proposed by the former world champion Bobby Fischer. With the start of the game you get a certain amount of time on your clock. After every move additional time is added to your clock. This way, only the average time per move is determined by the schedule.


Some tournaments are played with a cut-off for the clocks. This limits the amount of time you can accumulate on your clock - no matter how fast you move.

Example. The cut-off for a certain turtle tournament (see below) is 30 days. Currently, you have 29 days on your clock. Then you make your move. Normally, your clock would now show 29+2=31 days. But in this case, the cut-off takes effect and your clock shows 30 days instead.

Turtle tournaments

  turtles are slow!

With the start of the game each player gets 10 days on his clock. With every move made further 2 days are added to his time account. As soon as your opponent makes her move, your clock starts running backwards. If your clock reaches 0 seconds, you lose the game.

You must make one move every two days - in the mean.

Of course you might play some moves (e.g. in the opening) much quicker. In some games more than 10 moves are played in a single day. On the other hand, you may quite as well contemplate your best move for a whole week, if you have that much time on your clock.

Rabbit tournaments

  rabbits are quick!

The general procedure is the same as with turtle tournaments. However, you get only 5 days initially and with every move your time account is increased by 1 day only.

This type of tournament is recommended for experienced players only. Beginners should start with a turtle tournament, first.

Greyhound tournaments

  greyhounds are really fast (18 hours per move)
The general procedure is the same as above. However, you get only 5 days initially and with every move your time account is increased by 18 hours only.

This type of tournament is reserved for members and is recommended only for very engaged players that login multiple times each day.

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