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The leagues are subdivided into 5 classes. Every player starts in the class that closest matches her over-the-board rating. She then participates in a tournament of that class.

If she finishes the tournament as (shared) first, she will be promoted to the next higher class.

C -> B -> A -> E -> M

If she finishes as (shared) last, she will be demoted to the next lower class.

This guarantees that all tournaments consist of players of approximately same playing strength. Furthermore, this allows rather precise rating calculations.

Here, the average playing strength increases from left to right. Class C is adequate for casual players and beginners, Classes B and A for average club players, Class E for strong tournament players and Class M for masters or even stronger players.

However, here at PlayChess the `S:tournament classes are not connected to the rating'. Your rating only determines your initial class.

The tournament class is determined only by winning and losing tournaments.

In principle, a class C player with a rating of 1100 might make her way to the master class (M) by winning 4 tournaments.

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