Cross table

The tournament cross table shows the results of all players. The rows are ordered by player rank.

Cross table: Meaning of the columns
# Rank of this player. The rank is determined by the points and the SB value (see below). If both values are the same, players are sorted by player name.
Flag The flag of the country of this player. For many countries, you can click that flag to get detailed information.
Player Player name. You can click on this name to reach the informaton page of this player (personal data, games, tournaments, ...)
M Membership status of the player:
G = Guest
S = Standard
SP = Standard, in Premium mode
P = Premium
TER Tournament Entry Rating, the rating of the player in the moment he enrolled in this tournament
Rc Rating average of the opponents of this player
Rp Rating performance. The rating calculated from TER and the games of this tournament only. This is only a rough indicator how good this player performed in this tournament. You should try to get your Rp value higher than the TER value.
VP Valid Points. The number of points won in valid (=rated) games. If you do not make any valid points, you may be demoted to the next lower class (league tournaments only).

This is an acronym of the "Sonneborn-Berger value". It is used to create a unique ranking even if two or more players have the same number of points.

The idea is the following: let two players lead a tournament with say, 4 out of 6 possible points - who should be ranked as number 1 and who as number 2?
Answer: the one who made his points against the stronger player will be the winner of the tournament.

The Sonneborn-Berger value (SB) is a measure of that. The higher your SB the stronger were the opponents you defeated. The SB value is calculated as two times the points of the opponents you defeated plus the points of the opponents you drew with. With the SB value in effect, it is more important to win against a player that makes 3 points in total than against a player that makes only 1 (the first gives you 6, the second only 2 SB points).

The SB value is used to create a unique ranking in our tournaments for only one reason: Grand Prix points. For the question of promotion and demotion the SB value is irrelevant, since ALL winners are promoted and ALL losers are demoted.

Pts The points won by that player. You get 1 point for a win, a half point for a draw and no point for a lost game.
P/D Promotion and demotion status of that player. Here, P indicates promotion, and D indicates demotion. As long as these characters are gray, they only indicate the chance (or danger) of promotion/demotion. They are coloured as soon as this player has been actually promoted or demoted.
At the bottom of the tournament page there is a link Check for early promotion and demotion. The program checks if there are players with a sure win and promotes these to the higher class. Analogously, sure losers will be demoted immediately.